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We are a personal injury attorney firm dedicated to protecting the rights of victims around Las Vegas. Whether you need a personal injury attorney to pursue a slip and fall case, to represent you in pursuing an automobile accident claim, or to fight for your rights in a wrongful death claim, we are a personal injury law firm determined to represent you aggressively.

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Our Experienced Lawyers Will Fight For Your Rights!

Sometimes when we least expect it, our lives will be turned upside down by someone else’s carelessness. Our job is to assist you in getting your life back.

At Keith E Gregory & Associates, our lawyer’s work hard so you can once again enjoy the life you had and enjoy living again.

Keith E Gregory & Associates is a full-service law firm with years of experience aggressively pursuing justice for our Las Vegas clients. We specialize in business, contracts and civil litigation, personal injury and construction law, and we’re known for our fierce representation of our clients’ rights.

Keith E Gregory & Associates has earned a reputation based on integrity, professionalism, and assertive and skilled representation. If you need legal assistance, please give us a call. We are happy to assist in any way we can and look forward to working with you.

What about attorney fees?

At Keith E Gregory & Associates we offer a Free Consultation to discuss the details of your case. We will also explain the attorney’s fees and costs that would apply. When we represent you in an injury case, the type of fee utilized is a contingency fee, which is a percentage of the amount recovered on your behalf. A contingency fee means you are not required to make any payment up front or as the case progresses. We get paid when the case gets settled.

Our firm gets paid when you get paid.

Keith E Gregory & Associates – Team of Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyer in Las VegasKeith E Gregory & Associates, we have successfully represented numerous cases in Las Vegas. Our team is comprised of personal injury attorneys and other legal professionals, who are skilled and experienced in the intricacies of personal injury law and what it takes to represent your case. Our lawyers take a vested interest in your case and eagerly represent you to ensure that you get the compensation that you justly deserve. They will fight for your rights and for the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured in an auto accident, slipped and fell, or suffered from medical malpractice, call us today to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer to review your case. At Keith E Gregory & Associates, you will speak to an attorney about your case.

You may have to pay the opposing parties’ attorney fees and costs in the event of a loss.

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I was driving down Interstate 15 when a semi truck driver decided I would slam on breaks to allow him over. Unfortunately, I didn’t see him until it was too late. I spent three weeks in the hospital and ended up being reassigned at my job due to my hiatus. Keith was able to get my medical bills covered, lost wages and pain and suffering. As far as I’m concerned, Keith E. Gregory is the best personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas.

Sarah T., Las Vegas

I was sure that my wife would end up getting physical custody of our two children after our divorce. From what I’ve seen, this is usually how it turns out. Luckily, Keith E. Gregory was able to show the judge that my children would be better off in my care. I couldn’t be more grateful.

John Z., Henderson

I went to the doctor for what I thought was a routine visit. I ended up getting prescribed a drug for my arthritis that the doctor thought would help. Unfortunately, he failed to take into account my other prescriptions that I was currently on. This caused a severe interaction when I took the new prescription. Keith E. Gregory and Associates were able to get me a great malpractice settlement that covered my medical bills and plenty more.

Constance J., Las Vegas

I was arrested for driving under the influence, but I was almost sure that I hadn’t drank enough to be seriously intoxicated. My attorney was able to show that police officers had improperly administered my breathalyzer, and this could’ve caused a much higher than normal reading. Fortunately, the case was dropped.

Julio P., Las Vegas

I was rear ended near Ethel Pearson Park by a driver with no insurance. I thought I was out of luck, but Keith Gregory was able to secure a judgment for me and then helped me collect it through liens and wage garnishment against the uninsured driver. I honestly believe that I found the greatest personal injury attorney that Las Vegas has to offer.

Richard F., Henderson

My ex-husband worked for years ‘under the table’, so when we got divorced, he thought he was going to be able to hide his earnings so that he didn’t have to pay child support. Keith Gregory’s team was able to prove to the judge that my ex was working full time, and his employer was forced to disclose all of his earnings, so my children got the support they deserved.

Danielle H., Las Vegas

I was facing the loss of my license after a DUI, and unfortunately, my job consists almost entirely of driving. Keith E. Gregory was able to show the motor vehicle department that there was no legitimate reason to suspend my license. I can’t thank him enough for helping me keep my livelihood.

Sandra G., Henderson

I broke my leg in two places after falling through a banister that my landlord had been asked to fix at least ten times. My landlord refused to provide any compensation for the accident, so I called Keith E. Gregory & Associates. They were able get my medical bills covered and much more by showing that my (now ex) landlord was negligent in his failure to fix the banister in a timely manner. Great service all the way around, and I loved the friendly staff too.

Mario K., Las Vegas

I got hit really hard when the economy went into the tanker, so I decided that selling my automotive repair business was my best option. I had absolutely no idea of how to do this, so I contacted the lawyers over at Keith E. Gregory and Associates. They were able to help me transfer ownership of the business with no headaches at all. My attorney was a great help.

Jennifer M., Las Vegas

After my car was damaged by a hit and run driver, my insurance company tried to refuse to cover the accident based on a technicality. One of my friends told me that he had used a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas and thought the firm could help. This turned out to be Keith Gregory, and calling him was the best move I ever made. He got me paid what I deserved, and he also got me extra compensation due to the company acting in ‘bad faith’. Was a great outcome that really helped me out.

Latica B., Las Vegas